QUITE FRANKLY: All I want for October...is a RING

Dear NY Yankees,

I am writing to you because I feel I need to remind you guys who of you are. You are the NY Yankees, the greatest franchise in sports. Nothing will ever take that away, but if you keep losing then what makes you so different from everyone else? I wear my Yankee gear all year round proudly, but why do you feel the need to torture me in the month of October? I am there for every pitch, yet I feel you're not. You're there in body, but I wonder if sometimes in mind, if you're there.

I have spent the last 8 and a half months waiting for this time of the year. The time of the year when you guys are suppose to seperate yourself from the rest. I have seen all the good ('96,'98-2000) and all the bad ( '97, '01-present) and now, the bad moments are starting to outweigh the good. I'm a little worried.

Derek, you're suppose to be superman. You are the man I turn to and trust. You are there when I need you, but where are you this October? I need you to come through, I need you to be your self again. It's better if that old Jeter shows up late, than never at all. I need one of those Derek Jeter postseason moments. I know you got a few of them left in you.

Alex, where I begin? I don't care how much money you're making, but PLEASE get a hit, or 2, or 3? Whatever you do, PLEASE help this team win. We need to win now!

Roger, oh Roger can you PLEASE be "The Rocket" for at least one more night? With the whole world watching PLEASE show everyone why we gave you 28 million.

You are the guys I look to carry this team and get it going.

I need you to do this. I hate the winter and the shorter it is, the better. It's not even cold outside yet and you're gonna go home already? NO! I will NOT accept that. You are MY NY Yankees, you are everyone's else's NY Yankees! Play like you are. I need hits, I need sacrifices, I need diving catches, I need hustle, I need concentration, I need strikeouts in big spots, I need it all! I may be asking for a lot, but you are the NY Yankees, nothing is too much for you guys. You have no kryptonite, you have no fear.

I do NOT want to face months and months of football, hockey and basketball. This is our last chance to do something great, PLEASE do it. PLEASE win 3 in a row..you can do it, I know you can. The first round never used to be this hard, but it is and now I need you to come through or I'll spend the next few months questioning my faith and my love for you. I will always be there for you, now it's time for you to be there for me PLEASE oh PLEASE, don't go home tonight. Not tomorrow night, not any night, until we reach that 27th championship. If you can't do it for me, then do it for yourselves.....because you are the NY Yankees and NO ONE can take that away from you. I'll be watching tonight..are you going to show up?

A Very Concerned Fan
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