Lesnar KO's Courture To Win UFC Championship

He was labeled "The Next Big Thing" while he was in the WWE and now, he's just that in the UFC. Last night Brock Lesnar became the new UFC Heavyweight Champion defeating Randy Courture for the tittle.

"It sounds really good," Lesnar said after being introduced as the new heavyweight champion. "I can't believe it.

Couture(16-9), 6-foot-2, 220-pound was at a disadvantage physically against the 6-3, 275-pound Lesnar (3-1). Not to mention the age difference, Lesnar is 31 and Couture 45.
Lesnar gave Courture a right hand that landed behind the ear and Randy went down. Brock wasted no time in capitalizing on the moment and got on top of Courture and delivered numerous hammered fists. The referee stopped the bout at 3:07 in the 2nd round when Randy was unable to defend himself from Lesnar's onslaught.

Good for Brock. I liked him as a wrestler in the WWE and I wanted to see him succeed in the UFC. A lot of the critics didn't think a former wrestler could make the transition to the "real" world of the ring but Lesnar has done just that. It took him 4 fights to reach the top in the UFC but honestly does this surprise anyone? The guy is a beast. He has ungodly strength, raw power, brute force, and can move around pretty well for a guy his size so his early success doesn't shock me. He is going to get better in time and we've seen him progress since his first fight back in Janurary.

"I just believe in hard work and it pays off."

The Next Big Thing has arrived. That means a lot of money for Lesnar and the UFC, it also means that the guys in the UFC better beware of Brock because he's just getting started.
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