Yanks Down Not Out

In the last 14 years or so there has never been such a sense of panic around the Yankees like there has been lately. At this time of the year the Yanks usually go on a roll and make things happen and get themselves in a position to make a serious run at October.

This season was no different. They came out of the All-Star break with an 8-game winning streak. The Yankees were alive and well. A few weeks later, they're left for dead.
Losing 11 of their last 16 would do that, especially an inconsistent team like the 2008 group we have in the Bronx. I've gone on the record as saying this team needs more than luck to make it to October...a point I can't stress enough and it's as realistic as I can be with this team. But they have shown if everyone does their part, this team can go on a roll in a hurry.

Over at Peter Abraham's Yankee Blog Yankee Blog he made some great valid points.

But there are 41 games left, not 14. Mark my words, at some point in the next six weeks they will get within a few games of the wild card and everybody will have hope. This team is inconsistent; they’re not terrible.

The next nine games are against Kansas City, Toronto and Baltimore. If the Yankees can roll a 7-2 or even a 6-3, those games against Boston Aug. 26-28 will have some meaning.

Maybe Joba comes back. Maybe Phil Hughes will be Phil Hughes. Maybe Moose and Pettitte stay solid. Maybe Giambi and Abreu go on a salary drive. Maybe A-Rod stops popping up with men on base. There’s still a chance.

Now that assumes they don’t quit on Joe Girardi. The Yankees have a lot of kids, soon-to-be-free agents and veterans and at some point they’ll get tired of the team meetings, optimistic patter and lineup changes.

Sitting Johnny Damon the other day and playing Justin Christian because of his 23 at-bats against lefties raised a lot of eyebrows.

Girardi was tightly wound when the season started. What’s he going to be like now?

You have every reason not to believe. But there are still a few reasons to hang in.

Peter is ever the optimist but he is also very realistic with his reporting and his views, which both make his blog a huge success. I believe the guy knows what he's talking about so there should no more frantic thoughts for the time being.

The Yanks have been decimated with injuries left and right. Yes, I know every team has to deal with injuries but they lost their ace, another ace-in-the-making, a slugger and thier clubhouse leading catcher. That's just the beginning of the list of guys lost to injuries but we all know the rest of that list so there's no need to go into that again. The Bombers may have one more run in them before its all said and done with in 2008 so let's try to give them the benefit of the doubt. They return home this weekend for what should be a pick me up series, take the ball and run with it for the remainder of the season. The Colorado Rockies won 21 of 22 games to make it all the way to the World Series last year, the Mets had a 7 game lead with 17 games to go and they lost it. Now, you can not tell me with 41 games to go the Yankees don't have a chance. I think it's a big fat chance but it's there nonetheless. Don't give up on them just yet, they'll be one more ride.

Yanks 2nd Half Record: 14-12
My Yanks 2nd Half Prediction: 39-27
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