2009 Was A Year To Celebrate in the Bronx

It has been a couple days since the Yankees finally reclaimed their position as the best team in baseball and won their 27th World Championship. Although, somewhere on the streets of New York, people are still celebrating.

Why not, it took 9 years to return to the top of the mountain. For most cities, that's nothing, but in New York, it's an eternity, if you're a Yankees fan. People are still spending their hard earned money on World Series Championship merchandise. Soon enough, the money spent as a result of winning the World Series will be enough to pay for the 2009 Yankee payroll.

Now that most of the dust has settled and most of the celebrating is over, it's time to reflect on this season. There's a lot you can write about this season but not enough space here. You can write about big moments this year all the way to spring training but I'm not going to do that. What I am going to do is say, congratulations to the 2009 New York Yankees for winning their 27th World Championship and say thank you. As a fan who follows the team on a day-to-day basis and fights with the Yankee-haters of the world, I say thank you. I always knew you were the best team in baseball, I said it all year, but I guess it takes a piece of hardware and a parade down Broadway to shut certain people up. For that,I say thank you.

Johnny Damon had one of the greatest at-bats in World Series history in Game 4, in the top of the 9th. Then stole 2nd AND 3rd on the same play! Alex Rodriguez then continued his month of clutch hitting and drove in the winning run of that game. If he wasn't a real Yankee before, he is now. A bunch of clutch hits, homeruns and a World Series ring does that for you. CC Sabathia was everything you ever wanted this year. He stepped up when the Yanks needed him most. Even on short rest, even against the Angels. Mark Teixeria didn't hit much in the postseason but he got a couple big hits, homeruns to be exact. His defense all year long reminded us of the good old days when Tino used to dive and pick 'em like no other. AJ Burnett was great, then he was bad, then he was great, then he was bad. Right now, because of his greatness in Game 2 of the World Series with his team down 1-0 and in danger of going 2-0 going to Philly, he pitched the g ame of his life. He is now a World Champion.

Because of the pies in the face, because of the Championship belt given to the MVP of every Yankee win this year, because of GM Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi believing in their youth, and heck, even because of Kate Hudson, the New York Yankees are once again Champions of the World! 2009 was a special year for so many reasons....for that, I say thank you.
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