Good Thames and Bad in the Bronx

Every time the Boston Red Sox come to town, everyone knows it. All eyes are on the Bronx. Facebook and Twitter statuses give everyone an up to the second update. That's how intense this rivalry is.

Monday night saw the first Yankees Classic of the year as the Yanks come back in dramatic fashion. Alex Rodriguez hits a 2-run home run off Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon to tie the game 9-9 in the 9th, then moments later Marcus Thames sends everyone happy with a walk-off 2-run home run of his own. Celebrate good times!

Tuesday night saw the Sox get their redemption. As if written from the pages of a Hollywood script, the Yanks were up 5-1 in the 8th when Joba Chamberlain gave up 4 runs to the Sox to allow them to tie it 5-5. Then in the 9th, the hero in Monday night's game, Thames drops a fly ball and allows the Sox to come all the way back and erase any ill effect suffered from Monday's loss.

So in essence the 2 games cancel eachother out. 2 great wins and 2 big losses for both sides. Just another Yankee-Red Sox series. The feel of October baseball was surely in the air both nights and I loved it! Cant ask for more from these 2 teams. They always seem to step up their game against one another and that's what a rivalry is all about. The Yanks still hold a big mental advantage over Boston who is struggling to find their identity this season. Let's see how both teams fare over the next few months and what the rivalry will have in store for us come August.

C800 Asks You: What did you think of this New York-Boston series? Has the rivarly lost its luster? Who gained and who lost from this series? Share your thoughts on The Forum!
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