A-Rod in Pinstripes Should Make Everyone Happy

arodhappy.bmpAs the old expression goes "those who laugh last, laugh best". In the case of Alex Rodriguez, his agent Scott Boras, and the New York Yankees, who exactly is laughing last? One thing is for sure, they'll all be laughing their way to the bank. Yesterday Rodriguez and the Yankees agreed to the outline of a 10 year $275 million contract. It will be the richest contract in sports history.

There are many questions you can ask yourselves on this situation:

- Did Boras overplay his hand by convincing himself and Alex that there was $350 million out there on the open market?
- Was there ever $350 million out there?
- Did A-Rod come back to the Yankees to salvage his reputation or because he really wanted to be a Yankee?
- Did Rodriguez really decide it upon himself to reach out to the Yankees or was it a trick up Boras' sleeve?
- The Yankees said they would NOT talk to A-Rod or Boras if he opted out, didn't they?

The answer to all those questions is simple, 10 years $275 million. Money talks and in this case, there was a lot. The greatest player of our time (no, not Barry Bonds) will now finish his career with the greatest franchise in sports. Whether you love Rodriguez or hate him, he's now a Yankee again. We all have our opinions, our reasons and our facts on why we love or hate A-Rod but any way you look at it, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Take a look at it...

yankeeslogo.bmp The Yankees:
They get the best option to play third base. They get back the best player in the game. A-Rod's production from the right side of the plate can not be matched. His presence in the lineup keeps them with a true cleanup hitter and leaves Derek Jeter in the second spot and Robinson Cano in the lower third of the lineup. With Alex staying in pinstripes it now gives him and the Yanks endless possibilities for marketing. They will have their mega-star for their network and for their new stadium in 2009. It also adds to the legacy of the Yankees franchise. Once A-Rod goes into the Hall of Fame, he will go in as a Yankee. The best players of all-time have been Yankees, Alex Rodriguez will now be one of them.

arodinterview.jpgAlex Rodriguez:
Is known around baseball as the best player in the game, possibly all-time. This now personifies him as a New York Yankee and not as a rent-a-player. Years down the road he will be remembered for reaching milestones and accomplishments wearing the Yankee pinstripes, something that very much matters to Alex. If he can produce the way A-Rod can, then the burden of the fans will be lifted and they will shower him support and love. The Yankees are built to win a championship every year so it's logical to think that sometime over the next 10 years he WILL produce and help the Yankees win a World Series. He likes the attention and he likes drama...no better place for that then New York City. Oh by the way...he got a $275 million contract and can make up to $314 million if he breaks the all-time Homerun record, so how bad can that be?

boras.bmp Agent Scott Boras:
Super agent or not, he got his most profile client the richest contract in sports history..AGAIN. His payday for this contract will be around $14 million. Whether his bluff was called or not, his job was done and was done in a very public fashion. Say what you want about him and his tactics, but he still is leaving this situation a happy man. His toe to toe battle with MLB, the Yankees, and the media will no doubt draw him interest from other avenues (players,teams, companies), thanks in part for his aggressiveness and fearless approach.

The Fans:yankeefans.JPG
You either love or hate the guy, but now that he's back it's time to support him for the better of the team. He is going to do some amazing things within the next 10 years, things we will only get to see a few times in a lifetime, so sit back n enjoy. You don't see any of the young pitchers dealt away in a deal to get someone to try and replace Rodriguez. He will now be very much apart of the Yankee legacy and tradition. He is baseball's best player and he will come through in October, he will. If he didn't come back then realistically, who would be playing third base on Opening Day next year? Whoever it would've been, couldn't compare to Alex. You will be able to say in the future that you saw the greatest player of all-time play for your favorite team. Also, the way in which the Yankees have run under the new Steinbrenner sons’ regime has to get you excited. Their decisions have been based on baseball needs, not wants. They turned a franchise that was in shambles just a few weeks ago and turned it back into the top organization, all while being on the job for about 20 minutes.

A-Rod is staying in pinstripes and that should put fear in a lot of teams around the league. Maybe it was the best thing for everyone involved for it to be this way. How miserable would everyone be if it hadn't ended like this? So many things could’ve gone wrong if Alex would've left the Bronx, but in the end he did the right thing and stayed. It was the right thing for him, his legacy, the Yankees, the Yankees legacy, the fans, and his agent. Now, all he has to do is win a championship and life will be complete for Alex Rodriguez.
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