Yankees show class while Red Sox just want cash

In less than 24 hours the world got to see how different the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are. The season hasn't started yet and already the comparisons and fire that go along with this rivilary are brought to light.

yankees-vt2.JPGYesterday the Yankees played a game against the Virginia Tech Hokies at English Field on their campus thanks to a prmoise made by Yankees owner George Steinbrenner last year. A year after a gunman killed 32 people, wounded 23 others, and then killed himself on Virginia Tech's campus. Steinbrenner donated $1 million to the school and promised that the Yanks would go down and play a spring training game agaist the school's baseball team. The Yankees fulfilled thier promise. Although the Yanks won 11-0, the bigger story was the impact the game had on the school, the staff, the players and everyone else.
"The Yankees - everyone always wants to call them 'Evil Empire' and stuff like that, (but) they're going the extra mile," Va. Tech first baseman Sean O'Brien said. "They don't have to do this. They have a lot of work to do to get ready. It's just amazing that they're doing this."

The Yankees brought most of their "A" team with them. Many, if not all of the Yankee players signed autographs and took photos for people who have not had much to smile about since that fateful day last April. I have to commend the Yankees for this show of support and for extending themselves in this capacity. It shows once again why the Yankees are the most recoginized franchise and set the standards for all the other teams in the league.

On the other half of this rivilary we have the Red Sox. They are slated to open their season in Japan in just a few days but due to a "misunderstanding" between MLB and the MLBPA the Red Sox were about to boycott their final spring training game (which was televised nationally on ESPN) and their season opening series in Tokyo. The reason behind it: apparently the coaching staff was not going to recieve the $40,000 pay that came along with the trip. Are you kidding me? The Yankees and Mets in recent years have made trips to Japan to open their season. There has never been an issue along the lines of what Boston was faced on Wednesday. So the Sox decided they weren't going to play and weren't going to board a plane to Japan unless their coaches got paid. Around 1:30 pm the issue was resolved.
“We felt we had to make a stand, and being on ESPN didn’t hurt,” Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell said.

He also stated, giving $20,000 payments to the coaches would not have been acceptable because the players were making $40,000.
“The club’s working on stuff and trying to get money where it needs to get,” he said. “It was definitely an experience of a lifetime, and it ended in a good way” said Kevin Youkilis.

redsox-japan.jpg This is a clear example of night and day. The Yankees went to a college campus to help people who have been suffering and mourning, while the Red Sox complain about their coaches not getting paid enough. This is a joke and a disgrace to the game of baseball! How dare the Red Sox jepordize the game's integrity by trying to put themselves first. It is a priviledge to be asked to apart of an event such as opening the MLB season in Japan. My friends up north have no class and consideration for the fans of MLB. What if we decide to stay home and not attend YOUR games? Where will YOU get your money from to pay for your players? It's nice to know where your priorities are. You rather get go on strike then play the game of baseball which you love (which you are getting paid for!) Remember, it's stilla job and people are paying to watch YOU play. If you don't like it then leave and let someone else take your roster spot. It's that simple. The Yankees know they are just like everyone else...human. You saw a humbling atmsophere yesterday at English Field on the YES network. What you saw on ESPN today, belongs right along side the trash on MTV.

I want to thank the New York Yankees for showing me what's important in this world, but most importantly, for showing me what's not and what's disgraceful.

(Frank's articles can also be found at HotStoveNewYork andOnTheBlockNY)
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