QUITE FRANKLY: What Was FOX Thinking?

Sunday morning is usually a good time to go around to different blogs and see what everyone is talking about. Today,I saw something I thought I would touch on myself.


If you watched yesterday's Yankees - Red Sox game on FOX you saw some bizarre television. I'm sure most of you have been following this rivalry and you know that these games always have their twists and turns, especially when it's in front of a national audience. In the top of the eigth inning the Red Sox leading 4-3, the Yanks were starting a rally. With two men on and two men out Alex Rodriguez was about to step up to the plate. With the game on the line the Sox decided to bring in Jonathan Papelbon. Here's one of those moments that this rivalry thrives on...then the rain came. So we had to wait out a two hour rain delay before we saw the climax of the game. By this point, many fans went home, tuned out or lost the hype they gained while watching the game earlier in the day.

FOX decided to cover NASCAR and promote their other projects and blab about nothing while the key moment of the game was awaiting to get played. I believe that the umpires could've waited another few minutes to call for a rain delay. By the time the game resumed, all the juice was gone and what we got was a cold A-Rod coming off the bench facing a guy who warmed up three times! Why in the world would you call this game before this match-up. Was this a call from FOX? I think so. If you're on the field, you want to finish this at-bat/inning. FOX then decided to push NASCAR down our throats during the rain delay and wasted no time at the end of the game cutting to their racing event. Boy, did they try to milk everything out of a Yanks-Sox audience. Most people in the New York and Boston area can care less about NASCAR. These are not racing cities! Finish the most crucial at-bat of the game! But instead we got a three-pitch strikeout of A-Rod. Had this at-bat been played before the delay we would've saw a much more intense encounter. More pitches,more drama, more intrigue. But what we got was a three pitch, three minute at-bat. Come on FOX, you guys dropped the ball!

I am a fan of FOX's MLB coverage but things like this upset me. ESPN isn't even this bad. I DO NOT want to see or hear about NASCAR when my team has it's star player at the plate when the game is on the line. Let him hit in the rain drops, let Papelbon pitch with the water dripping off the bill of his cap as he stares Rodriguez down with the game on the line. That's drama, that's must-see tv. Whatever the outcome of that at-bat, it would be a classic moment. But FOX decided to pull the plug before we got it. They thought they would capitalize on the big audience they had. Shame on them!

Everyone that I have talked to have said they couldn't believe FOX cut out at this point. I guess the millions of dollars that FOX spent on the MLB package, something like this was apart of their contract. Let's hope this doesn't happen tonight on ESPN, as the weather doesn't look great either. They have SPORTSCENTER to worry about, so many they'll try to rush the game along...at this point, who knows what the corporate guys are gonna do next. Maybe we'll get a surprise episode of Desperate Housewives if there's a rain delay tonight. I wouldn't be shocked.

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