Girardi Goes Crazy, Yanks Win in 9th

Joe Girardi got his money's worth last night in the bottom of the 9th inning and minutes later pulled out a 2-1 win.

Jason Giambi
was called out on a pitch by home plate umpire Chris Guccione on a "foul tip." A couple problems with that. The ball didn't appear to hit Giambi's bat and Guccione didn't make the call until Orioles catcher Ramon Hernandez pointed it out. That brought Girardi out of the dugout and in the face of the home plate ump. He was then ejected.

"I didn't think it touched him," Girardi said. "Hence I was a little upset..... I wanted to kick something, and I figured that was the best thing. Walls don't work too well. ... I wasn't happy with the explanation."

Before he hit the showers he put on his best Lou Pinella impression by slamming his hat to the ground on two occasions and kicked it for good measures.

"I enjoyed it," Derek Jeter said. "I was hoping he would kick it all the way to the dugout like Piniella. ... Girardi wants to win. He cares a lot. Just because some people may not have seen it, I know he has that in him."

That was the greatest thing I've seen all season. It's excatly what every Yankee fan wanted to see all these years. The crowd went crazy for Girardi's antics. A manager that will fight for his team and do everything he can to protect them. Girardi has done just that and last night was the icing on the cake. Joe Torre was critcized for not showing that type of emotion during his tenure in the Bronx. This is excatly why I thought Girardi would be a perfect fit for the Yanks as manager. Did it fire up the team? Let's hope so.

Robinso Cano
provided the exclamation point on the night as he singled home the game winning run. Is that the type of hit that gets Cano going for the rest of the season? Probably.

Ian Kennedy started the game and pitched well. It was his best start of the season. He did give up four walks but he was agressive in the 3rd inning when he was faced with bases loaded and one out. He got out of the jam and his confidence started to rise.

"For me, in recent history, it was a rarity for you to see that," Kennedy said. "But in my past, I've always pretty much come back and have done that."

It was the second consecutive solid outing by a Yankee starter. Now the Seattle Mariners come into town just at the right time. The Yanks swept them earlier in the month and are looking forward to the rematch. The Bombers have their top three pitchers going for them this weekend so it's a chance for the Yankees to right their ship. Last night's win was good for so many reasons, now they just have to keep building off of it.
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