QUITE FRANKLY: Who Should Be Playing CF?

One of the things that made the Yankees great over the years was they knew who was playing centerfield. Bernie Williams was their centerfielder and there was no doubt about him. He could run, he could hit and he could field. Ok so he couldn't throw but with all the upside, the throwing aspect of Bernie's game was his only downside. Nowadays Melky Cabrera mans CF. But there's some debate about if he should be the man out there.

Many people, such as myself are Melky Cabrera fans. I love the guy's arm. When there's a ball hit to him and he's getting ready to try and throw out a runner don't tell me you don't start to get excited. His arm is incredible. His fast start this season mad you wonder can Melky be a top notch CF? Does he have ther power to go along with his arm? He's a decent .280 or .290 hitter. He runs pretty well, he's not slow. But since that quick start this season Melky has cooled off. He's only had three extra base hits in his last 30 games. He's missplayed a few flyballs that have caused a few unearned runs. So shall we ask the question, is Melky Cabrera the Yankees CF of the future? or is he holding that spot warm for highly touted prospect Brett Gardner?

Gardner was selected in the third round of the 2005 draft. Down in the minors everyone is raving about him. He has a career .387 OBP since he started playing in the Yankee organization. He has a .290 average to go along with 141 stolen bases. Now for the stuff that are making people in the organization drool, hrough 60 games he’s tripled his homerun total of the previous two seasons combined. He's slugging .454, 80 points better than his career average. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Now he doesn't have the arm Melky does but those offensive numbers to go along with his speed surely raise the question of who's better suited for CF.

Gardner is only a year older than Cabrera. The Yankees have a good dilemma on their hands. I can see both of these guys running flyballs down in the outfield for years to come. In the near future why not have Melky in left and Gardner in center.

I believe Gardner will one day take over the Yankees CF job because of all the hype we've heard about him. Melky is a solid baseball player. He will improve with time. I can't wait to see them side by side out there. Until then I like Melky in CF but I want to see what Gardner can do at the major league level. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll get to see the future of the Yankees right before my eyes. Who do you think should be playing CF?
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