Isiah's Coverup Is A Disgrace and BS

I usually do a lot of baseball blogs but once the season is over I go and cover basketball mainly as football is 3rd on my list of favorite sports but one thing that is high on my list of topics to cover...Isiah Thomas. I love bashing the guy every chance I get and just when I thought those days were over here comes a new story.

This further proves how much of a slimball Isiah is. On Friday he was rushed to a Westchester hospital for overdosing on sleeping pills. Police authories revealed Thomas had taken 10 Lunestra pills and lost consciousness by the time emergency workers arrived.

Thomas was asked about this incident and replied by saying it wasn't him who was rushed to the hospital. He claimed it was his 17 year old daughter Lauren. Isiah's son Joshua also backed up his dad's story by saying it was his sister who was the one who had an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.

"I love both my sister and dad and am glad that both are doing well. Thanks for all the support, but as a family we are fine and stronger than ever." Joshua said.

I see that Joshua takes after his dad with his false sense of reality. They're stronger than ever? Ha, ok. The father blames his daughter for OD on pills and the son lies right along with him. Disgraceful. Harrison Police Chief David Hall, involved in the case also blasted Thomas for his coverup.

"My cops ... know the difference between a 47-year-old black male and a young black female," Hall told The Associated Press. "It wasn't his daughter - and why they're throwing her under the bus is beyond my ability to understand."

It really is a shame how Thomas' rep has taken a hit in the last few years. He turned the Knicks organization into a disgrace all the way from the brawl they had with the Nuggets a few years ago to the sexual harassment case that cost the Knicks and Cablevision $11 million. Thomas was finally shown the door at the end of last season when the Knicks got tired of his act and released him of his duties as Team President and Head Coach. Both moves were long overdue.

This latest story regarding Isiah is sad. The man needs to get a grip on reality and apparently so does his son. It's not bad enough he's turned a once great franchise into a laughingstock, he's cost a company millions of dollars and now he's thrown his own family into a media circus for his own selfish reasons. How could you place blame on your daughter for something like that? What kind of man is Isiah Thomas? This guy has some serious problems and I hope he gets them fixed because something's not right up there. Let's see how this story unfolds. Nothing surprises me with this guy anymore, he's a scumbag, what do you expect.
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