Are The Yankees Hurting Themselves?

As I was browsing the internet this morning I came across an interesting post by Peter Abraham. He questions the Yankees and their handling of injuries. He gave a few examples for his questioning, here's an excerpt:
Just wondering, but does anybody else question what is going on with the Yankees and their ability to properly evaluate injuries?

Damaso Marte went seven days without pitching then they decided to put him on the disabled list. Then we found out today that the injury he had in spring training never really cleared up. Meanwhile, he made seven appearances and got knocked around.

Chien-Ming Wang, as it turns out, had weakness in his injured foot and that led to atrophied hip muscles. How did this go unnoticed all spring and lead to his getting crushed for three starts?

A-Rod said his hip injury was an issue last June. Yet he played the rest of the year and it went undiagnosed until March. Then he needed surgery that has so far kept him out a month......

Look at Mark Teixeira, for instance. He has not been the same since he injured his wrist. What would be better for the Yankees, Juan Miranda playing first base or Tex going 2 for 27? Should he be on the DL?

It's worth looking at. The Yankees have so much pressure on themselves to win that they may be throwing injured stars onto the field to justify their big payroll and now, new stadium. By doing so, they are hurting their chances of being a competitive team. If Marte has been hurt since the WBC in March, he should've been placed on the DL. Alex's hip has been bothering since last season so why did it go unnoticed for so long? Maybe the Yankees knew and tried to dance around it and wanted to see if it would clear up during the winter. Who knows, but a healthy player is far better than an injured player.

The Yanks have been hit with the injury bug quick this year but continue to stay strong with an above .500 record. They did shut down Xavier Nady once they saw he injured his elbow so maybe they do know what they're doing after all. Brian Bruney's elbow is acting up again and may miss a good chuck of time, much like last year. Injuries are apart of sports and the best teams overcome them. For all the talk about how great the 2009 Yankees are, this is a time where we get a good indication of just how good they are. 1 MVP, 1 potential Cy Young, 1 All-Star, and 1 would be closer down and they are still above water. Let's see what happens when the Yanks are all fully healthy.

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