I Like What's Going On In The Bronx

The Yankees are having a homestand for the ages. They have 4 walk-off wins and have had some memorible moments. Who says this Yankee Stadium doesn't have any history?

We saw 3 walk-off wins in a row last weekend. When did you ever see that? A-Rod has been hitting HR's left and right. That's all he's hitting right now but we'll take it. Mark Teixeria is hitting anything and everything. Robinson Cano remembers how he hit in 2007 and so far isn't breaking stride. CC Sabathia is finally the real CC. Melky Cabrera has been money in the clutch. I mean things are clicking on all cylinders now.

What makes this homestand so great is that you can see how the Yankees are finally loosening up. Pies in the face by AJ Burnett, crazy haircuts by Nick Swisher, a WWE Title awarded to the MVP of each game by Johnny Damon. This stuff is great. Where has all this been the last few years. The relaxed Bombers are a fun team to watch. It's been a pleasure to watch. I'm glad to see the chemistry is finally coming along.

The presence of Alex Rodriguez was thought to be sort of a distraction but it hasn't. If anything he was the right man at the right time coming to a team who deseperatly needed him. He's contributing and so is everyone around him. How long is this little run of coolness going to be around the Bombers? I'd say all season but it's going to be one long summer so anything can happen. But remember...the Yankees will get healthier, Jorge Posada, Xavier Nady,and Chein Ming Wang are all expected to reclaim thier roles in the next few weeks. What happens then? Who knows, but for the time being, this is the best team to watch, beacuse if you don't, you're gonna miss something amazing.

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