Former Yanks reliever tells tale of his drug use

The aftermath of the Mitchell Report has seen admissions and denials. Along with the admissions, we've heard the motives and stories as to why players decided to use steroids and HGH. In Sunday's NY Daily News, former Yankees reliever Dan Naulty tells his story of his drug use. An interesting piece, it's a definite read. Here are some highlights of his story...
"The night we won the World Series, I wanted to die. I didn't want to live. On the night that you would think was a big, happy celebration night, I wanted to die because my emotional state was in such disarray that I started thinking about suicide.""This is a story of a boyhood dream turning into a living nightmare. I had ruined my life, but at what cost?"

"Nobody ever told me, "Do whatever you need to do to gain weight." Nobody ever said, "If you've got to take drugs, man, take 'em." What everybody said was, "You're 6-6. Put on 50 pounds and you'll throw 100 mph and you'll make millions and millions of dollars." When I got to the professional level, I realized, "This is my last chance of playing. There's no other level after this."

"These memories have haunted me throughout the years."

"By day, I spent time with the Christians on the team and by night I was out on the town as a single man playing for the New York Yankees. That was my life. It was alcohol by night, amphetamines by day and steroids all off-season for years. It was a Jekyll and Hyde lifestyle. "

" The irony of this story shows what I thought was going to be a great life of fame and fortune turned into the destruction of other lives, and for me, a living hell - one filled with depression, anger, unhappiness, suicidal thoughts and God."

Life in the big city isn't always what it appears to be. This is just an example of how drugs can ruin you're life and your performance. Of course, that should be a given but for those that need to hear stories from people who lived through it, it should really open your eyes. Better late than never.

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