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I recently received an email by a reader who wanted to share her love of sports and nightlife with us. Her name is Amanda, she's from Philadelphia, she's apart of the Philly Music Video Street Team, she's also a huge of the Phillies. I think it's great when someone is passionated about their teams and their sports. Amanda does an excellent job of showing some Philly pride. Now just as a sidenote, this was written earlier this year. It's based on Philly culture, nightlife and sports. Hope you guys enjoy this special contribution from Amanda.


Philly Music Video/clubs/sports April/2008

Most clubs have the potential to create a good time. However, few are among the upper echelon of excellence.

Nightlife varies from region to region. The best party cities in the US are traditionally defined as New York, Los Angeles, and most recently Miami.

L.A. and Miami have the benefit of warm weather to enhance their appeal. New York has no scenic advantage, but manages to consistently be the city that sets the precedent for exquisite night life.

So I wonder why in the city of Philadelphia, a city that has so much pride and so much heart (and let’s not forgot cheese steaks, the best late night food ever!) are these clubs so few and far between.

We can’t manage to win a championship, but Philly fans are the most devout ever. It’s not enough for us to love our teams, everyone else even considering coming to South Philly for a game has to embrace and love our teams too. Come on, what other city has a precent in their stadium to hold enthusiastic fans that get a little too crazy?

Even though the Eagles didn’t even make it to the playoffs this year, the love at the Linc was so strong on any given Sunday that you would think we already had super bowl rings. When the 07’ football season ended without avoiding the curse. The momentum for the Sixers and Flyers was already in full swing. We are so sure that one of these teams if not both (*the Sixers and the Flyers both qualified for playoff spots this season*) will be the ones to break the curse, and give Philly its long awaited, much anticipated, and well deserved championship. If they can’t get it together to win big this season, then there is always our beloved Phillies who are certain to bring on a Broad Street parade.

So with moral of this magnitude Philly has no excuse not to be the Golden Global (yeah that’s right even better then Ibiza) standard of nightlife…Unless William Penn cursed night life as well…

The Curse:

Anyone living in Philly that has been even semi- conscience since 1987 is aware of that damn William Penn curse plaguing our city.

And like most of my partying peers we want a championship we can remember. I was 1 when the Sixers defeated the Lakers in our last Philadelphia championship victory. I want to experience the ambiance reminiscent of that magical era, but remixed to reflect all that Philly is, and all that is has become.

So even if we don’t get to see a Philadelphia team break the curse and win a championship game. I still want to pop bottles and party like we took home championship rings!

Death is nothing, but to live defeated is to die every day.
Napoleon Bonaparte

So what, we have some crazy azz curse. A touch of darkness only adds to Philly’s mystique. Philadelphia is not by any means defeated. Hey, even Rocky had to get knocked down before he got back up.

We are all too familiar with increasing violence that has inflicted our city, and seems to have infected some of our youth. The media and even some fellow Philadelphians are calling the city of brotherly love, killadelphia…how’s that for irony?

On a lighter note amongst all that is bad about Philly there is so much more that truly makes the city shine. Cheese steaks, water ice, culture, arts, the Mummers, South St., SOUTH PHILLY!!, olde city, just to mention a few, but the list could go on for days.

It’s the dawn of a new day. We have a new mayor. We have a chance to vote in the democratic primary this year. Philly’s pride, strength, and heart transcends any curse.

So to elevate the curse I present to you, Philadelphia…

The Gift:

Clearly we have what it takes to survive in the city, but do we have what it takes to revive the city?

The atmosphere of a city is captured in the clubs. It is a reflection of the spirit and energy of a city.

Philadelphia has all of the ingrediants for the recipe of superior nite life. Its just a matter of bringing them all together to elevate Philly to the top tier of nite life excellence.

Philadelphia was our nations first capital. Clearly, we have what it takes to start a revolution. So Philadelphia I invite you to partake in the revolution of Philly nite life, and you have VIP access to be a part of Philly’s rise to prominence, to reclaim our number one spot. I believe that the summer of 08’ will redefine Philadelphia nite life, and take Philly to another level. You will be able to go to the best city to party without ever leaving the city.

Veni, vidi, vici
Julius Caesar


Much love goes out to Amanda and the Philly Music Video Street Team. I want to personally thank them for reading the blog and supporting myself and ChasingRecords. If you have something that is sports related and you would like to submit it please contact us.
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