OMG A-Rod, Really??

I don't know if I'm late on this or not but I saw this for the first time last night. Did I really see Alex Rodriguez in a Guitar Hero commercial? Yes, I did. Are you kidding me?? Wow.

The $275 million dollar man is in a commercial that will further tarnish his reputation. There are so many reasons why I can see how this just wont make life easier for A-Rod. Here's a list of reasons based on this commercial:

1- He has those damn blond frost tips again.
2- He's wearing a pink shirt.
3- He's in tighty whitey underwear.
4- His performance on the couch in this commercial is a little ridiculous.

This is the almighty Alex Rodriguez in his underwear. Now of course he's joined by Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps, and Kobe Bryant. This commercial is a spoof off Tom Cruise and "Risky Buisness" but this is absurd. Kobe was the only logical one who decided to wear basketball shorts in the 30 second spot. Hawk is at least wearing his helmet, Phelps is wearing more than he did at the Olympics but A-Rod?...couldn't you wear a hat or eye black or something manly? Nope, pink shirt, frost tips and tighty whiteys. Yep and he's suppose to be the face of the Yankees? Ha! You would never see Derek Jeter doing anything questionable like this.

Just for the record, I am a fan of A-Rod but it's things like this that hurt his rep and thus goes and hurts the rep of the Yankees. This kind of stuff gets talked about with him tanning in Central Park, going around Toronto with a blond stripper and having a fling with Madonna. I am aware that it's none of my business nor anyone else's but come on, when you see this commercial you got to be thinking to yourself "What the (blank) is this?" My roommate and I shared a good laugh over it but could already see the taunting of Rodriguez based on this commercial. Please Alex no more of this. Just stay clear of anything controversial, it's not like you need the money. Just enjoy your time off and get ready for next year. Please! We're only day 3 into the baseball off-season and it already feels like the Yankees haven't played in months. Next year I expect a big year from A-Rod and the Yanks, but until then just stay under the radar.

Here's the commercial...
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