Our NBA Teams Need Help ASAP!

Does anyone notice these days that the Knicks and the Nets are two really bad teams? The Knicks made their franchise changing trades a few weeks and haven't been good since. The Nets have gone on a roller coaster all season and find themselves hovering the .500 mark again. The two NY area NBA have taken a backseat to everything and I have to say that's disappointing.

Once upon a time, the Knicks use to be the talk of the town. They use to have people talking and watching. Now, they just have people laughing. Now granted the laughter isn't nearly as bad as it has been in recent years but the point is, the Knicks still stink up the joint far too often. They are currently going through a season worst five-game losing streak, the latest coming at the hands of the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves, a team who went into the Garden Friday night losers of 13 straight. A team with so much promise can't find any consistency. The lack of defensive ability has really hurt them this season as there have been countless times where they have had a lead only to blow it. Coach Mike D'Antoni knew he had quite a mess when he took over as coach but at some point he needs to at least try and preach some defense, please in time for the new year.

The Nets are a different story. They have a consistency of being average. The problem with that is that they have shown times of brillance but end up losing games they should win. They lose to bad teams and blow leads just like the Knicks but unlike them, they have two superstars in Vince Carter and Devin Harris. Harris is putting together one of his best seasons but for what? A .500 team? The Nets traded their main stars in the last year, Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson so they can sign Lebron James in 2010 but the Knicks did the same thing so someone is losing for no reason right now. I gotta say I think if Lebron does come to the New York area, it'll be with the Knicks, the money in endorsements alone will outweigh whatever the Nets can offer him. The Nets should add another scorer and a couple of quality guys off the bench to help their team win. It wasn't too long ago where they were the best team in the Eastern Conference.

The local NBA teams need help in a bad way. They need it soon because once football is over, what in the world is gonna get us through the winter to baseball season? I shutter to think, maybe I'll be better taking up a new hobby. In that case, I better psych myself up for the World Baseball Classic in March!
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