The Rich Get Richer: Burnett Going To The Bronx

They keep on coming. The Yankees have their second big name free agent this week. It's being reported that AJ Burnett has agreed to a 5 year $82 million contract. He joins CC Sabathia who agreed to a record setting 7 year $161 million contract earlier this week.

The Yankees have made it very clear that they want starting pitching and will do what it takes to get it. It's easy to say the Yanks are being irresponsible with their money and throwing their weight around but honestly, if they have the money to spend, why not do it? I have $1,000 to spend as my budget for christmas shopping, am I going to spend $150 or am I going to try and spend close to, if not all of that $1,000 I'm allowed to? Exactly, if the money's there, spend it. Plus what most people don't realize that if the Yanks' recent slurge brings home a world championship, then that will bring in money that will cover the expenses. So please stop drinking the hatorade.
Brian Cashman is the best GM in the business. It's easy to say "well if other GMs had his resources then they would make it look easy too." Well I got news for you, the other GM's have money to spend but A LOT but they tend to throw the extra cash they get in their back pocket. Oh, no one says anything about that. Please stop hating on the Yankees, you just make yourself look ridiclious. The Yankees make the money to spend and that's the bottom line. If you don't like it, then find something else to do.

So now that Sabathia and Burnett are on their way to the Bronx, who's next? Did Andy Pettitte's meeting with Cashman in Houston the other day go well or have we seen the last of Andy in pinstripes. If that's the case then Ben Sheets come on down! You're the next free agent heading to the Bronx.
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