Why Are We Bothering With Roger?

Does anyone still really care about Roger Clemens? Do they care if he took steroids? At this point I don't think so. I, for one, don't.

This on-going saga between Clemens and his former personal trainer Brian McNamee is quite frankly played out. It's a waste of time. If McNamee has the proof on Clemens then hand over the evidence and test it. I believe this is where most people draw the line on this case. The rest of the back and forth between both sides is just ridiculous. I want to see this come to a conclusion and have everyone reach a final verdict. Most people believe that Clemens lied to Congress last Febuary when he stated he did NOT take steroids.

Call me crazy but I was on Roger's side and thought he was telling the truth. Well I have since changed my tune. Too many things are going against Clemens that it's hard to believe everything is a coincidence. This whole thing is a mess. Now they've involved convicted steroids dealer Kirk Radomski into the whole ordeal. Radomski says he injected Clemens on several occasions with performance enhancing drugs. Ok but with no evidence, you're side of the story has no credibility.

If the evidence is lying around somewhere, my question is, why isn't it collected and tested? Until that happens we're just wasting our time with Clemens and McNamee.
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