Can We Start The Season Already?

Is it me or is anyone really paying attention to Spring Training this year? I, for one am not. I wish I could say I'm following the WBC more closely as a result but that isn't true either. In here lies a problem.

The WBC is a great idea and I'm all for it but how the hell do you know when the games are on? They have been on at the most random times. If I want to follow Team USA, how would I go about that? Some would say "easy, just watch SportsCenter" or "look online" which are fair statements but what if I'm unable to? Is there a set schedule to this thing or are they moving games to the most convinent times? I have seen games at 5:30am and seen games at 10:00pm. While I realize this is an international tournament, there has to be some way of organizing this tournament better. Team USA played Saturday,Sunday and Wednesday. Where's the consistency there? That's hard to follow. I'm a working man, sometimes SportsCenter and the internet aren't accessible to me 24/7. Maybe I'm in the minority but it should be better organized. I know during the Yankee season I know to look for a game at 1,4,7,10 depending on the opponent. That's easy to follow. I have the same problem with basketball, if I wanna follow the Knicks and Nets I need a pocket schedule on me at all times, their games are all over the place. It's an inconvience for me, the fan, the customer, the one you WANT to lure to buy your product.

Now that I vented about that here's another. Spring Training games usually have some watchable factor to them. Not this year. ST is overshadowed by the WBC because in essence the ST games mean nothing. Sure, we tune in to see the stars but after about the 5th inning the regulars start to exit the game. Now, some people like to see the young guys in action, I do too but if the game means nothing, then what am I watching for? For the love of baseball usually, but when the WBC is session I can't be bothered with ST games. The WBC brings you fierce competition and that's what I wanna see, not no.94 taking a grounder at shortstop.

I think I'm ready for the season to start and that's where all this bickering is coming from. I mean we've talked and talked and talked about the Yankees and the upcoming season for so long that it's time to get things started. No more talking, let's play already!

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