My Impressions Of The New Yankee Stadium

Last night the Yankees opened their new Stadium in style. I was able to score a ticket from a co-worker yesterday morning and thus I was headed for the new ballpark in the Bronx.

The place is amazing, it really is. If you're going to a game you should go early and just walk around. There's so much room to navigate. There are team stores all throughout the stadium. There is so many more options when it comes to food and the line to wait for it isn't bad either. May I recommend the garlic fries, they were incredible, the smell from the garlic will get to you at some point while you're passing the concourse and you WILL be tempted to try them. There are HD TVs everywhere you go. Bring a camera with you when you arrive to the park because you will be taking a million pictures.

My seats were in the second row right behind the Right Field Foul Pole. I saw myself on tv a few times last night, boy was that cool. Hideki Matsui's Homerun off the RF foul Pole was heading right for me if it didn't hit. I got to see Chien-Ming Wang, Jorge Posada, and Derek Jeter up close from the standing right at the RF wall. Even Ted Lily made his way to where I was and I could see the focus on his face as he was preparing for the game last night. As I was walking around the stadium I got to go to the LF wall and watch the Cubs work oout right in front of me, pretty cool stuff. I didn't get to see Monument Park because it was closed due to to the rain but I'll get a chance to see it when I return on April 18th. I was very impressed by the new digs and it was without question a more enjoyable experience than the old stadium. More room, more comfort, more to see, more to eat, more everything, how could you go wrong? I give the place an A from what I saw. I'm sure I didn't see everything (the resturants were booked so I couldn't get in) but I don't doubt they are top notch places.

As for the game, Matsui, Robinson Cano, and Cody Ransom all hit home runs to help the Yankees overcome an early deficit and thus the Yanks won 7-4. Once I'm able to upload the pics I took, I will post them here. If you're going to the game today, enjoy yourself, you will truly be in awe.

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