Oswalt Critical Of A-Rod, Forgets '05 Astros

Sometimes people need to think before they open their mouths. I wasn't going to mention this but it's such an ignorant opinion I feel the need to address it.

This past week Houston Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt was very critical of Alex Rodriguez in part due to his admission of using steroids. Ok, so were alot of people. Here's what Oswalt said:
"A-Rod's numbers shouldn't count for anything," Oswalt said in a phone interview with MLB.com. "I feel like he cheated me out of the game."

Did Oswalt forget his Astros were led to the 2005 World Series by Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens? Two men who were using performance enhancing drugs combined for about 30 wins that season. Come on, are you serious Roy?
"It does bother me," Oswalt said. "Especially for the guys that went out there and did it on talent. We're always going to have a cloud on us, and that's not fair at all.

"The ones that have come out and admitted it, and are proven guilty, [their numbers] should not count. I've been cheated out of the game," Oswalt continued. "This is my ninth year, and I've done nothing to enhance my performance, other than work my butt off to get guys out. These guys [who took PEDs] have all the talent in the world. All-Star talent. And they put times two on it.

"I'm going out there with the ability God gave me. They have that ability, too, and they're putting something on top of it."

While with the Rangers, Rodriguez was 3-for-5 against Oswalt with two doubles, one home run, three RBIs and two walks. Last year, as a Yankee, Rodriguez was hitless in two at-bats against Oswalt.
"The few times we played them, when he got hits, it could have cost me a game," Oswalt said. "It could have cost me money in my contract. He cheated me out of the game and I take it personally, because I've never done [PEDs], haven't done it, and they're cheating me out of the game."

Did I fail to mention that Oswalt's Astro teammate Miguel Tejada is going to court because he lied to Congress about PED's? Oh, I think Roy forgot that too. This is an example of when a player should just keep his mouth closed and just play the game. While I understand his logic behind his rant, it's not justified because that 2005 team won because of the use of HGH and in Clemen's case, "steroids" (which has still been unproven but given the evidence against Clemens in his case against Congress, it appears to be a given Roger took PED's).

Unbelievable. It's time people stop worrying about the steroid scandal and start worrying about the upcoming season, sorry Roy but you just made yourself look bad here. Nice try, better luck next time.

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2 Responses to this post

  1. Rob Abruzzese on February 15, 2009 at 9:58 AM

    It sounds like he's upset that he had teammates who took PED's also, saying that team will always have a cloud over it.

    I don't know, I wish more ball players responded this way. Really, I would love Jeter to say something like this. How do we know he didn't take steroids? He seems fine with the fact that Giambi and Pettitte took them. Maybe because he was doing it too.

  2. Chasing800 on February 15, 2009 at 10:07 AM

    You're right Rob, more players should say this but when 2 guys who are associated with PED's helped carry that '05 team to the world series it's hard to side with the guy, bc if he honestly felt that way he should've been critical of his own team back in 2005.